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Dupuytren's Disease

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What is Dupuytren's Disease?

The disease causes an excrescence of a tissue within the palm, the so called palmar aponeurosis. This tissue serves well in protecting the nerves and tendons beneath.

The palmar aponeurosis (blue) shrinks. In result the tendons pull the fingers inwards.
palmar aponeurosis

When suffering from Morbus Dupuytren this particular fascia thickens, may establish lumps and shrinks. The resulting pressure on the tendons beneath leads to bent fingers.

Is Dupuytren's Contracture a frequent disease?

Yes. In Germany (~81 million) approximately 1.5 million people suffer from the ailment. Males have an eight time higher risk to be affected than females.

How can the disease been diagnosed?

It is quite easy for a specialised hand surgeon to diagnose it by examination and groping of the affected hand.

The thickening tissue beneath the skin of the palm and the lumps are characteristic for Morbus Dupuytren.

What causes Morbus Dupuytren?

The exact cause of the ailment is still unknown.

What we can say is that genetically disposition plays an important role. One third of the patients have a relative who also is affected.

Is there a connection between Dupuytren's and other diseases?

An accumulation of Morbus Dupuytren is noticeable for:

  • diabetes mellitus

  • epilepsy

  • alcoholic excess
    (Do not accuse people suffering from Dupuytren's Disease of abusing alcoholic drinks. Like mentioned before, the main reason lays within the genes.)

Can an injury cause Dupuytren's Contracture?

An open injury, a broken hand or arm may accelerate the outbreak of Dupuytren's Disease, if a genetically disposition exists.

What is the meaning of Morbus Dupuytren?

The disease (morbus) has been named after the French surgeon Guillaume Dupuytren. In the early 19th century he was the first to discover that a fascia is affected, not the tendons.

Can more fingers be affected by Dupuytren's Disease?

Yes. Unfortunately this happens very often, even both hands may be affected.

Is Dupuytren's Contracture strictly limited to the palm?

No. A rather similar ailment occurs at the joints of the fingers, the so called knuckle pad.
About two to tree percent of the patients suffering from Morbus Dupuytren also suffer from one or more knuckle pads.

The diffuse swelling of the joint of a finger is called knuckle pad.

Is there a Dupuytren's Disease outside the hand?

Excrescence of fascia comparable to Morbus Dupuytren:

  • under the foot
    (Morbus Ledderhose)

  • on the penis
    (Induratio Penis Plastica)

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